The Nutcracker

All Jazz'd Up


Tap Dancing Mice, Twirling Snowflakes, Jazzy Dolls, and a Rockette Style Kickline! 

This show has it all!

Who Can Participate?

Every student age 3 - 18

Are There Auditions?

No!  Everyone can dance and join in the fun!

When Are Practices?

Practice will be on Sundays sometime between 10am-6pm.  Each cast member will have a 40 minute rehearsal time assigned to them.  Youngest dancers get the earlier time slots - Time slots announced after we complete the sign up process.

Some older dancers with special roles will have rehearsals Saturdays 5pm-8pm

Practice Dates!

There are 7 rehearsals in total and they are all MANDATORY!  It is really had to produce a show and learn all the choreography in just 7 practices.  We really need the dancers to be able to commit to the full 7 weeks.  Of course, if you are sick and need to miss we will not dismiss you from the show :)

Practices begin on Sunday Oct. 17th and run through Saturday December 11th. 

We are closed and will not have rehearsal over Thanksgiving weekend.



There is a $75 participation fee for each dancer.  This covers:

  • your costume rental

  • your 7 weeks of dance rehearsal classes

  • FREE professional video of the show

Tickets to see the show will be separate. They will be $20 per person and available for purchase online.  Links will be e-mailed later.

Extra Details:

  • Once the show is cast you will be e-mailed your part and time slot.

  • The show date is on Sunday December 12th at 2:00pm with a stage blocking rehearsal for teenage students only that morning at 11am.

  • Show is held at Regis College in Weston

  • A proof of COVID19 Vaccine will be required for every guest attending our show as well as every dancer.  If you do not have proof of vaccine, a negative PCR test will need to be taken within 72 hours of the show date and shown proof on show day.

  • Masks will be required by every guest/dancer.

Please do not sign up for this event if you do not agree to the above statements.  We take COVID very seriously and are doing our best to keep everyone healthy.  It is also required per our contract with Regis College.  We appreciate your understanding.

Sign Up Using This Link