Spring Dance Recital

Sunday June 13, 2021

Please refer to this page for all updates and information regarding our spring dance recital. 

If after reading this page you have any questions, please contact our office.


This year our dance recital will be held outdoors in our parking lot.  There will be a raised stage for the students to perform on.  We will mark off the parking lot in quadrants for each family to sit socially distanced from other families.  


Since we will be dancing in the parking lot, no cars will be allowed to pull into the lot.  You may park along Watertown street.  If that is full you may park down Albermarle road.  There is plenty of parking along Albermarle Road.


At this time (due to covid restrictions) we can only allow 2 guests to attend our recital per family (not per student).  If outdoor gathering guidelines change we will update this information and notify our families.


There is a $45 participation fee per family due on May 1st.  This fee will be used to pay for the production costs of running our recital.


PLEASE CLICK HERE for a detailed list of classes indicating what time their recital will be.  

We have broken down all of our classes into 6 shows.  The shows will be spread out through the day on June 13th.  We tried our very best to accommodate siblings and students who take multiple classes so they are in the same show time.  However this was not possible to get perfect and there are a few dancers who will be in more than one show.  We did our best to place those shows back to back for your convenience - but again that was not perfect either.  We tried our very best!  

There will be a 30 minute break in between every show.  We will use this time to re set, sanitize the dance floor and chairs, and allow time for the parking spaces to clear out to allow for the new crowd to come in.  Please do not linger after your show has ended, we will need the parking available for the next group to come in.  If your student is in back to back shows, you may hang out and wait or leave and come back.


Based on the new covid guidelines we are now allotted 100 people at an indoor event.  Therefore instead of saving a second date in case of rain, we will move the recital into the Boys and Girls Club Gym.  The gym is large enough to accommodate our event.  We will keep all the outside doors open for air flow and space families about 15 feet apart from others.


Our event will be professionally recorded for your to share the digital download with family members who could not attend.  We will also have the event professionally photographed too!  While you are welcome to film and photograph the event yourself, we must ask that you remain seated at all times and do not distract other guests from seeing the stage.  We will have ushers present to ensure folks stay seated at all times.  Costs of the professional video and photographer will be kept extremely reasonable and will be released as the date gets closer.


We are asking that all our dancers who join us weekly on zoom please plan to attend at least 2 in person dance classes in the weeks leading up to the recital.  We want them to feel confident and be able to put their best foot forward on stage.  If you strongly feel that your dancer cannot attend an in person lesson, we understand and this will not keep them from participating in our recital.  We are just highly suggesting some time with their fellow classmates.


April 5th through April 10th

All dancers will try on their recital costumes during their regular class time.  All dancers MUST wear a leotard to class this week.  If you do not own a leotard please wear tight fitting clothing so that the costumes may be tried on over your clothing.  Due to covid restrictions we cannot utilize our dressing room and all students will need to try on their costumes in the studio.  Costumes will then be organized and hung with garment bags and sent home the following week.


May 17th through May 22nd

We will be hosting a family peek week held over zoom.  Since our waiting rooms are closed this year, and we are restricting attendance to 2 adults at the recital, we want all your family members to see what great things your kids are accomplishing in class!  Join us over zoom to watch a class and see their completed recital dances.  Anyone and everyone is welcome.  We will be sending zoom links via e-mail.

We are SO excited to be able to hold a dance recital this year!  Thank you all so much for your support and for believing in us and your children.  We promise a safe, fun and memorable event!

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