Types of Dance Classes in Newton, MA

Creative Steps Dance Studio prides itself on offering dance classes in a welcoming, no pressure, and friendly environment.  We accept all students from beginners taking their very first dance lesson up through dancers who have had years of experience.  You will find that our recreationally based dance studio not only teaches dance steps but it also helps to build confidence and a positive self esteem.  


Our Newton, Ma Dance Studio is unlike any other!  We offer a flexible enrollment and tuition plan.  Everything is monthly based with no long term commitments.  We understand that children often have may activities, busy schedules, or they just are not sure what they like yet.  Therefore we never ask you to make a long term commitment.  You can start up a dance class, or drop a dance class at anytime during the dance season. Contact us today!

Unsure what style of dance you should take? 
Read on for a full description of everything we offer at Creative Steps in Newton, Ma.

Early Childhood Dance

Pre-School Dance Classes

Our Early Childhood Dance Classes are designed to introduce young dancers to the world of dance in a playful and comfortable setting. Dance can be a fun and exciting activity for children. But what a child learns in a dance class is so much MORE THAN just the STEPS we teach them!  With every lesson they are also working on improving their balance, coordination, listening skills, locomotor skills, and they are learning how to work well with other children in a team setting as well as learning how to follow directions.  Please see our AGES 2-5 CLASS SCHEDULE page for full details on our class offerings for this age group.


Ballet classes teach poise, confidence and grace.  Students will work to develop proper body alignment, long placed arms, and pointed stretched feet.  Classes will begin with work at the Ballet Barre, followed by dancing across the room to string together traveling movements.  A lot of dance steps are actually French.  In Ballet we learn these words, their meanings, and how to execute them.

Ballet Classes
Jazz Dance Classes


Jazz classes are full of power and energy.  Starting off each class with a full body warm up and stretch the dancers get moving right away.  The students will then work on stringing traveling movements together across the room.  If your dancer likes to spin, leap, jump, and kick this is the class for you!  After building our Jazz terminology across the room class will conclude with a high energy, upbeat dance routine so the students really feel like they are dancing.


Tap classes are known for building coordination and a sense of rhythm.  Students will start off their class with a warm up leading them through following different patterns with their feet.  Next the dancers will begin building their Tap Dance terminology by practicing their moves across the dance floor or in place.  At the end of each class we combine the steps we learned into a fun dance routine that we will build upon each week.

Tap Dance Classes
Combo Dance Classes

Combo Classes

Combo Dance Classes are a great way for students to learn more than one style in each lesson.  We offer combo classes in Ballet/Tap/Jazz, Jazz/Hip Hop, and Jazz/Tap

Hip Hop

Hip Hop dance classes are high energy, non stop and full of grooves.  Students will start off class with a full body warm up.  Once warm they will jump right into learning grooves and foundational hip hop skills.  Students will also learn popular to date party style dance moves.  Each class dancers will string together movements in a dance combination.  All music choices are clean and age appropriate.

Hip-Hop Dance Classes
Lyrical Dance Classes


Lyrical dance classes are a hybrid of Ballet and Jazz movements.  Following a technical Ballet base Lyrical dance brings in Jazz elements to make this class graceful and powerful.  The word lyrical also brings a lot of character to the class.  Students will learn choreography that will tell a story through their movements and music choices.  Each class will begin with a full body warm up.  Next the dancers will work on technical skills across the dance floor concluding in a dance routine that they build upon each week.


Contemporary Dance Classes are one of our most popular styles of dance.  These classes pull from all styles of dance.  There is a lot of foundational modern dance, floor work, rounding of the upper body, and most importantly emotion.  Each class will begin with a full body warm up.  Students will then string along movements into patterns traveling across the dance floor working on their leaps, jumps and turns.  Ending class with a dance routine where the students will be asked to emote feelings through their movements.

Contemporary Dance Classes
Musical Theater Dance Classes

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre Dance incorporates Jazz dance alongside music from the Broadway Stage.  Students will start with a high energy warm up.  Next dancers will engage in acting games in which they have to portray a character or a scene using dance movements.  Finishing off class with a high energy dance routine set to Showtunes.  This class is great for any students who are interested in participating in their school musicals and plays.