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2023 Dance Recital




Dance Recital 2023

Information Page



LOCATION:  Eleanor Welch Casey Theatre at Regis College

235 Wellesley Street, Weston, Ma. 


DRESS REHEARSAL:  Thursday June 8th & Friday June 9th


RECITAL SHOW DATE:  Saturday June 10th

Shows at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm

What is a Dance Recital?  

Why Is It A Rewarding Experience?


Our dance recital is a celebration of all the hard work that your dancer has put in over the course of a dance season.  Working together with their classmates they will learn and present to you a dance routine filled with joy, fun and dance technique.

Participating in a dance recital can be such a rewarding experience for your dancer!  Your child will learn to work together as a team and support their fellow classmates.  Performing up on a stage in front of a crowd will also help to build self esteem and boost their confidence.  There is also something special about wearing a costume, hanging with your teammates and hearing that applause come from the audience.  The rewards and emotional benefits that come from this are great and will be remembered for a lifetime!

Is The Dance Recital Mandatory?


A Creative Steps Dance Studio recital is unlike any other!  We DO NOT make the recital mandatory for all of our dancers.  We understand that maybe your child is not ready, or maybe the cost of purchasing a costume is not something you value.  We NEVER make a child feel left out if they opt out of performing in the dance recital.

Recital routines are taught during regular class time.  All students will learn the dance.  While we do see about 90% of our students choose to participate, the option to participate in the year-end show is your choice.

The dance recital routine is NOT the sole focus of the dance lesson each week.  We have the perfect balance of spending just enough time working on the routine and the rest of the time with normal dance class activities. Contact us if you have any questions.

What Is The Cost Of The Costume?


All dancers will need to purchase from us a costume to wear.  The costumes are all carefully selected by the Creative Steps team.  We feel very strongly about choosing a costume that will work for all body shapes and sizes making sure every child feels confident.  All costumes are kept modest and mid sections are always covered.  We also take into consideration any gender neutral or gender specific costume needs.  Plain and simple we want your child to feel their absolute best!

A costume for our First Steps Program is $70 per child

(mini movers, tini dancers, tot hop, hippity hop, tumble n twirl)

A costume for a single style dance class is $75 per child

(a class that is one single style of dance)

A costume for a Combo Class is $85 per child

(a class that learns more than one style of dance and will need more than one costume.  This fee includes up to 3 costume looks by using different pieces and accessories)

Dancers who take many classes will cap out at $400 per child

(no dancer will pay over $400 and we will try to re use costume pieces for several different classes to keep costs down)

Once costumes are purchased, you own them.  There are also no refunds once we purchase the costume from the costume distributor.

Are There Additional Related Costs?


The only other additional related cost will be tickets to the dance recital.  All family, friends, etc need to purchase a ticket to the show.

Tickets are $25 each and that is a flat rate that includes any processing fees issued by the ticket company.

But my child pays for dance lessons all year, and paid for a costume why do I need a ticket too?  Unfortunately we do have to pay a hefty fee to rent out the theatre.  It is a beautiful venue with comfortable seating, air conditioning, and a professional working light system and stage.  The cost of the tickets will cover the rental of the theatre.

How Do I Know Which Show My Child Is In?


We will break up all of the dance classes into 5 different shows and 2 different dress rehearsals.  We try our very best to make sure your family only has to attend 1 show and 1 dress rehearsal.  However with over 500 students and over 125 classes this will l not be a perfect attempt, but man do we try so hard!  If your child takes several classes or you have siblings enrolled you may need to attend more than one show/dress rehearsal.  If this happens you only pay for 1 set of tickets to 1 show and the other show will be complimentary!

Sign Me Up!

Please visit this link to sign up for the June Dance Recital.

If you do not wish to participate, please visit the link and select NO so that we know your decision.


Dress Rehearsal Orders
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Recital Day Show Orders
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open each link to see an image of the costume selected for your class to wear onstage!


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