Dance Classes For Ages 6 - 18

Celebrating our 18th season of dance our studio offers over 130 classes 7 days a week to choose from during the Fall, Winter and Spring.  We have everything from early childhood dance classes to fun and engaging classes for elementary school kids all the way up to advanced dancers in high school.

ballet classes


A traditional ballet class that teaches classical technique set in an enjoyable, fun atmosphere. Ballet is the base to all dance forms. From studying ballet students can excel in any other dance style as well as learn grace and poise. Students will perform exercises at the ballet barre to work on balance and proper body placement. We will then move center floor and work on traveling movements. (Pointe classes are by invitation only)

tap classes
jazz dance classes


This class will focus on creating rhythmical patterns with the body. Tap dance builds timing, coordination, and strong muscles in the legs and feet.


Jazz dance is known for working on isolation, flexibility, and coordination all set to upbeat music. Students will learn the form of jazz as well as creative expression and personality.

lyrical class for teens
hip hop dance classes kids and teens
contemporary dance


Lyrical dance is a cross between Jazz and Ballet based movements. This style of dance focuses on the emotion and story behind a particular piece of music. We use this style of dance to tell a story through our movements.


This is a fast paced, high energy class, set to popular, “age appropriate” music. Students will learn break dancing, popping, locking, and styles found in the popular music videos of today....for younger children these music videos include that of the Disney Channel


This style of dance is fairly new to the dance world and is always evolving. We will mix the styles of Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Lyrical and Hip Hop. Using many different genres of music, Contemporary dance usually tries to tell a story. Most often a topic is decided on and we tell a story through our dancing.

musical theatre

Musical Theatre


Acro / Tumble

Ever see a show on broadway, or a musical? Well this class is just that. Learn routines fit for the stages of broadway. We will dance to show tunes and combine Jazz dance with a lot of personality and facial expressions....maybe some lip syncing and singing too!

Pointe is for the serious Ballet student only.  Pointe students must take a ballet class weekly in order to be considered for Pointe shoes.  The student must also show core and ankle strength so to not cause injury when going on Pointe.

This class teaches the basics of Acrobatics and Tumbling.  Students can expect to learn the basics of forward rolls and cartwheels, while more advanced students will learn Ariel's and Back Tucks.  Student will also work on the flexibility and their muscle strength.

dance classes in newton ma

Combo Classes

Ages 6 – 13) This is a great way for the dancers to learn many different styles of dance, but only coming to class once a week.
You can choose from:
Jazz / Hip Hop