Here at Creative Steps Dance Studio, every child is welcome.   

We believe strongly that dance is for everyone!

However, we wanted to continue and deepen our commitment to inclusivity with a dance and movement program designed specifically for children who may face some obstacles in pursuing a traditional dance education.

Joy and Movement, which we lovingly call JAM, was created to support children in our community who have not always had access to dance, movement and creative expression. The JAM curriculum is designed with each individual child in mind. Each class will be structured to celebrate a child’s strengths, expand on what a child would like to explore, and support the child through what they may find challenging. In addition to inspiring self-esteem and self-expression, our JAM dancers will work toward improving coordination, balance, body control, rhythm, focus and social skills.

Please check out our JAM class schedule tab for a list of classes we are currently offering as well as our tuition information.

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Here is a list of things you can expect from an Adaptive Dance class at our studio:

FUN - First and foremost, every JAM class will be filled with happiness, positivity and fun!

FRIENDSHIP - Each dancer will have a special Big Buddy who dances with them every week.
Additionally, JAM sessions will promote socialization and connection between participants.

STRUCTURE - Children will very quickly come to learn and expect our JAM routines and rituals,
helping them better anticipate what’s coming next in class and more empowered to try new
things in class.

MASTERY - Each part of the JAM curriculum will allow for enough repetition so children can feel
confident in the material, but enough expansion that children will still feel that they are
learning something new every class.

PERSONALIZATION - Each child that joins JAM will follow their own trajectory, and we love that!
Goals are tailored for each dancer and specific successes for each child will be celebrated.

COMMUNICATION - JAM dancers may all choose to communicate in a different way, whether it
is through speech, signing, behaviors or another approach. JAM staff and Big Buddies will meet
each child where they are at every class to communicate with them on their level.

UNDERSTANDING - We understand that all JAM dancers will participate and be present in class
in their own ways, and to the best of their abilities.

CHILD-CENTERED LEARNING - JAM staff will let the dancers be our guides, showing us how they
learn best and what skills they want to expand on. Where a traditional dance class follows a
curriculum that best teaches a certain style of dance, the JAM curriculum allows for all activities
to revolve around the learning needs of each individual child.

CELEBRATING DIFFERENCES - Dancers, Staff and Big Buddies will all bring something unique to
every JAM session, and we can all learn from each other, enjoy our commonalities, and
celebrate how wonderfully different we all are.

Joy and Movement Adaptive Dance (JAM) was created in the summer of 2018 by founder Cara Spilsbury, M.A., Registered Dance Movement Therapist. Cara, alongside CSDS owner Michelle Shirley, wanted to design a program that was welcoming to every child who wanted to dance. JAM was born from Cara’s 15 years of professional dance teaching experience, as well as her training from Lesley University’s dance therapy program, Rhythm Works Integrative Dance, Boston Ballet Adaptive Dance and Rainbowdance.  

The program enrolled its first students in the Fall of 2018. The school year was full of dancing fun, including the Winter JAMboree, a sensory-friendly party for dancers, friends and families. In the spring, JAM students even participated in the Creative Steps Dance Studio annual recital! 

Our first year was an amazing adventure filled with fun, friends, laughter, singing and of course dancing! The JAM community continues to grow, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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